Lycoris Client

Lycoris Client is an advanced Minecraft ghost client developed with quality in mind.



Here's What We Have To Offer


Hidden from all public anticheat solutions on the market, we ensure your safety when using Lycoris.


Lycoris is competitively priced compared to other ghost clients on the market while also being a better option.

Quality Modules

All of our modules are carefully developed allowing for a balanced level of customizability and ease of use.


We use industry-standard encryption and hashing methods to ensure your sensitive data is stored securely and out of eyes from any attacker.

Fast Support

Our support team is always ready to answer your questions and assist you when necessary. Join our Discord and create a ticket if you need assistance.

Frequent Updates

Lycoris receives constant updates ensuring our modules stay up-to-date and fitting the needs of our users.

Trusted by users from around the world

Don't believe us? Look at these statistics!







Lycoris currently supports the following versions:

· Vanilla 1.8.9
· Forge 1.8.9/1.12.2
· LabyMod 1.8.9
· Feather 1.8.9
· Badlion Client 1.8.9 (not BAC)
· LiquidBounce 1.8.9

Our payment system is built using Card System which allows you to purchase with a Alipay WechatPay. We also have resellers that support payment methods such as Paypal, Cryptocurrency, and more.

No, your Lycoris account belongs to you and you only. Our system checks for account redistribution and your account will be terminated if it is not used by you only. Read our Terms of Service for more info.